Who am I?

Who Am I?

Our Government has done a great job in ensuring continuous education for the younger generation. After at least 14 years of education (2 years in kindergarten, 6 years at PSLE and 4/5 years doing O Levels and for some, 2 years JC and 3 years Uni), Singaporeans are so apt at solving differentiation equations, quantum physics theories and complex chemical equations.

However, how many of us can answer these questions?

1)      Who Am I?

2)      What is my passion?

3)      What is my ambition?

4)      What is my path?

5)      What do I want to do in life?

6)      What are my goals in life?

When we were young, teachers will ask what our dream is.

“I want to be the President”

“I want to be an Astronaut”

We often will hear children saying that is their dream.

What happens when we are 16 years old, 26 years old, 36 years old?

We no longer have a dream?

We no longer have a passion?

We grow, but we did not grow up.

Psychological age is not equivalent to chronological age.

One may be living in a 50 year-old body, but with a maturity mindset of a 16’s.

We have often stop to take stock of our life.

A life which is left unexamined is like a ship sailing aimlessly.

Are we too comfortable in our comfort zone? I don’t think so.

Rather, people are too uncomfortable to move out of the comfort zone, reluctant to venture into uncharted water to look for ways to improve themselves, so they stop improving.

When they stop improving, they stop growing.

To quote from an audiobook – “Write your friend an advance paychecks for 12 months, and if you have done something to improve yourself, your friend will return you the paycheck. If you have not done anything to upgrade yourself, your friend will spend your paycheck immediately. After 12 months, you are guaranteed to be a much better person.

I volunteer to be your friend. Anyone? 🙂


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