What is GPA?

Nope, we are not talking about Grade Point Average, a grading system used in the post secondary education to access the students.

GPA is a very vital tool to the success and achieving the fulfillment of our lives.

GPA is

Goal                 – What are your goals?

Purpose            – What is the purpose of your goals?

Action              – What are your action plans to achieving your goals?

A picture paints a thousand words, here it is.

We should established goals in our lives. Is that enough? No! The goals are used to achieve a greater purpose. With the purpose (of life) clearly identified, we could then strategize our goal(s) to attain the desired purpose. The purpose will also allow us to stop and reflect if we are on the right track.

Over time, goals can be fulfilled, goals can be changed, but purpose will remain the same. We may also need a different set of goals to achieve the same purpose over time. With a clear purpose, we can now focus on the goal(s) that will aid us in achieving the purpose. With the goals clearly identified, we can then establish specific action plans to reach our goals.

In short, Action is a subset of Goal, which is a subset of Purpose.

For example, a GPA may look something like this –

Purpose – To achieve better well being.

Goal #1 – To lose weight, specifically xx kgs within yy months.

Goal #2 – To enhance my spiritual and emotional health

Action plan #a to Goal #1 – I will wake up at 5am every day and run 10km every morning before I go to work.

Action plan #b to Goal #1 – I will restrict my diet to 500 calories intake per day.

Action plan #c to Goal #2 – I will practice yoga

Action plan #d to Goal #2 – I will meditate every night before I go to sleep.

GPA has to be clearly identified, because clarity gives strength and a clearer path to success.

If you have 2 friends, both wanting to lose weight.

Friend A – I want to lose weight, but I am not too sure how should I do it.

Friend B – I want to lose weight. Every morning, I will wake up at 6am to run 4km, and will do 50 sits up and reverse crunch. After that, I will skip for 30 mins before I head for my shower to refresh myself before going to office. In the evening, I will head to my aerobic classes at 7pm, followed by kick boxing class at 830pm. I will end the day with another 4km run and 30mins of skipping.

Who will you think is more likely to lose weight?

GPA allows us to focus on achieving our purpose in life by identifying goals that will aid in such fulfillment. The specific action plans will bring us closer to achieve our goals.

I will come up with my GPA by 1 Jan 2011. I have 10 days to think about it.

What is your GPA?


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