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There is something so primal about the steak dinner—a huge slab of meat and roast potatoes on the side. Just ask any foodie about beef and chances are that he/she will wax lyrical about the to-die-for flavors of boutique steers such as Japanese wagyu or Angus prime beef. But they’d be overlooking Argentine beef, which is where Salta comes in. The six-month old restaurant, named after a region in Argentina, offers beef that comes from cows that graze freely on grass in the open plains. A massive five-meter parrilla (grill) greets you the moment you enter the restaurant, with cuts of meat roasting on glowing charcoal and wood embers—so you know that this place means business. If you love your meat, just cut to the chase and order the lomo (tenderloin). Each cut of beef comes naked, served on a plain white plate—the better to appreciate its handsome form. 300 grams of grass fed beef with a delish salty charred crust and a deep rose center—it is superb, with more texture than you usually get with wagyu, and a subtle flavor that tastes like the very essence of beefy goodness. If you’re not quite so focused, there’s the six-course Argentine Experience set. It comes with an empanada of the day—sweet corn and cream for us; antipasto of prosciutto and Iberian ham, mortadella sausage and Roquefort cheese; a cold salad of marinated mushrooms, semi-dried tomatoes, olive, vine-ripened tomato and veggies, and of course the meat—a duo of sirloin and heart of rump (100gms each). It’s all remarkably well executed and gives them a real shot at becoming the definitive contemporary steakhouse in town.

Address: Salta, #01-56/57 Icon Village, 12 Gopeng St.

Tel: 6225-8443