I am late in posting this entry.

One month late, in fact.

I have re-wrote this entry actually, coz I think I know better what I want in life.

These are the core questions in our lives –

What are my purposes in life?

What are my passions in life?

What are my goals that will achieve the purposes and passions in life?

I want to achieve high status in life. High status refers to being

– high in family relationships;

– high in the financial aspect

– high on the social ladder

– high on the emotional state

Family Relationship

Maybe its about the Asian values that we are not outspoken of our love. Maybe its about a guy’s thing that we are not emotional. Maybe these excuses are just bullshit.

We ought to be filial, especially when our parents are still around, for they will not be around forever. I am very guilty of this. Other than having occasional dinners, I will have my personal time, personal space doing my own things. This means that I do not have much to talk to my parents. This has been the case for the past few years, but this is not an excuse that this should go on. I should talk to them more to find out what is happening to them, what is happening to my brother, my nephew. Even there is slight improvement, I will continue to improve on this aspect.


Admit it, money is important. Career is tied to financial stability which is a signal to your social standing, or at least this is how the society views you. When you have it, you do not feel that way, asks the people around you who do not have the privilege of such standing, and they will concur how superficial the society is.

By May 2011, I wish to be earning $xxxx amount, including through investments per month. This amount will be constant for the year. Short, precise and sweet action plan

Social Ladder

When you progress up the corporate ladder, the skill set is increasingly focus on your soft skill (ie management, leadership skills) while your hard skills become less important. This is obvious, because you have probably proven your (hard) skill sets in the earlier days which have gained you the recognition and promotion. It is not about what you know, but who you know. Networking has become increasingly important as you progress up the corporate ladder. One easy way is to start to have lunch with different people. Talk to them, even if you do not like it, and start to have a wide perspective of things and issues. Be comfortable talking to different people on different issues, in different languages. The more people you are exposed to, the more sociable you become. The soft skill set will set the differences in time to come.

Emotional State

This is very tricky, because this is hardly measurable and tangible. In summary, this is to achieve personal growth. This includes having a significant other who shares your life, passion and goals, constantly improving your skill sets to make you a better person, continuously seek to gain more life experience to make you a better person. This is probably the hardest, but this is the most satisfying as well.

These 4 areas will be the cornerstone of my life, at least in 2011. I am making some progress in life and this will be a great 2011 when I look back in 2012. Life is too short for regrets, and live life to the fullest without regret. Take stock of your life, so that you know where it is heading, and if it is heading off course, realign the direction so that it will be back on course.

Failure to plan is to plan for failure.

What is your plan?


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