I have read an interesting article.

It says, attractive people possess these traits

  1. Dominance
    1. Over her
    2. Over others
  2. Strength
    1. Physical
    2. Emotional
    3. Intellectual
  3. Novelty Seeking (Adventurous)
  4. Resources
    1. Knowledge
    2. Learning ability
    3. Analytical ability
  5. Looks

Of the above 5 traits, only the last trait (looks) is beyond our control. Even then, we could, to some extend, manage our looks by tanning, going to gym etc. Dominance, strength, novelty seeking and (various) resources can be picked up over time and this will add to the dimension of attractiveness.

Dominance, strength and resources are interrelated. If you exodus the self confidence, exerting physical strength, possessing IQ and EQ and at the same time, with the knowledge of events, issues and social skills, who will not be attracted to this “type” of person.

The more knowledge you have, the more skills you pick up (dancing, cooking, general knowledge or knowledge in any kind) is a small boost to your confidence level and the amount of confident you exodus is the summation of all your skills, knowledge and know how.

Put together body language whereby you suck in your stomach, hold your head up and back, pull your shoulder back and arch your back. Walk with an air of confidence, and act like someone who own the place. Act cool, speak slower and clearer.

Who can do the above will be an attractive man.


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