The State

1. Get Excited

It is easiest when you are truly excited
about the place you are going. But no matter
where you are headed, search your mind for
every conceivable reason why you are going
to have the best night of your life.
Pump yourself up. Think of the limitless
possibilities that every night offers. Who will
you meet? Where will you wind up? What
stories will you have to tell tomorrow?
2. Do a Social Pre Game
When most people think of pre-gaming they
think of pounding down beers so they can
show up at the venue with a buzz. This is
not what I am talking about here. What I
am suggesting is that you get social way
before you head out to a bar or club.
Don’t take a nap right before you leave to go
out. Don’t sit on the computer until you’re
ready to head out. Begin socializing long before
you get to the bar. Meet your friends an hour
If there is no one around, then call a friend
on the phone that who you know will jump start
your social energy.
3. Positive People
At some point you will come to the realization
that certain people do more harm than good.
These people you must eliminate from your life,
or seriously limit their influence over you.
Instead, surround yourself with the people you
find yourself most often in state around.
If you pay attention, you will notice that
certain people trigger “state” in you more
than others. These are the people you want
to be around.
4. Dress to Impress
I am talking about impressing yourself. If
you’re wearing clothes you don’t feel
comfortable in, or are conscious of the fact
that you haven’t shaved, or smell bad, you
will find it near impossible to get into state.
How you present yourself, is a direct
reflection of the state you are feeling. If
you leave the house well dressed, your
physical image will be in congruence with
your mental image of yourself.
This makes getting into state much easier.
5. Anchor Music
It is possible to anchor certain feelings to
particular songs. You’ve probably already
experienced this. Are there certain songs
that remind you of an ex girlfriend? A certain
period of your life?
You can manipulate this to work to your
I have a play list of songs that I almost always
play as I am running on the treadmill at the gym.
As my heart rate increases as I run, I turn the
music louder and louder. I continue this cycle,
until my adrenaline is at a peak. At that point,
I am running on air. And music is pumping
through my veins.
I’ve found that I am able to reactivate that
adrenaline rush simply by playing that same
play list on my way to a bar or club. While
I’m playing the song in my car, I also need to
move physically to activate the natural
6. Exercise
As I stated in the previous example, exercise is
a great way to get into state. You will find
that the more active you are, the more
energetic you will be.
Exercise releases those natural enorphins
I mentioned. Have you ever heard of “the
runner’s high?”

With exercise, it is best to start a routine.
You will notice the results after about a month
of continuous, strenuous, training

7. Nutrition
Their is an entire book called “Enter The
Zone” written about the role food plays
in getting you into “state.”
Even on a simple basis, you can drastically
see how nutrition effects state. Have you
ever tried to go out and game after eating
Chinese food? Or a Whopper? It is near
impossible to get into state with that bloated,
greasy feeling.
Everyone’s body is different. Start paying
attention to which foods stimulate state most
often. And pay attention to which foods leave
you lethargic and unmotivated. Adjust your
diet accordingly.
8. Drop All Game Talk
Once you get to a bar or club, you must
never NEVER spend your time talking about
elements of game. You will never be able to
get into state if you’re using terminology and
pickup lingo. These are not topics that lend
themselves to friendly conversations.
Your goal is to be having fun and being social.
If you’re talking game, you’re not being social.
Period. Drop the game talk the minute you leave
for the venue.
9. Get Goofy
Yes goofy. Being goofy puts you in a good mood.
It also causes you to have some fun. This will help put
you into state.
An example from my life:
My friends and I love to imitate Vince Vaughn’s
annoying laugh. Some nights when we get to the bar,
we’ll walk up to random girls and bust into Vince’s
laugh. The girls will look at us like we’re crazy, but it
puts us in such a good mood.
It also becomes a competition between us,
we’ll try to out due each other. This gets us all
social. And eliminates our approach anxiety.
10. Get Social Quickly
Even if acting goofy is not your thing, you
must immediately do something that is both fun
and social. Interact with people immediately.
Get your juices flowing. Get the endorphins pumping.
Get comfortable being social.
The tone of the night is usually set pretty quickly.
That is why it is essential to create the right vibe for
the night immediately.
11. Don’t Wait for Your Wingman’s Permission
to Approach
I actually learned this solid piece of advice
listening to Moxie’s interview on State. I think this
advice is brilliant, as I know I’ve been guilty of
this in the past.
When you see a girl you want to talk to, do not talk
about it with your wing. There is no reason to say
“I want to talk to that girl”
Just do it. He will follow. And if he doesn’t, go in
alone. Once you start talking about the girl you want
to talk to, you take your self out of the moment.
This will break state.
12. Stay Out of Your Head
The best way to get into state is to live in the
moment. Stay out of your head. Don’t think
about the past. Don’t think about the future.
Look around and make every effort to make
this moment as enjoyable as possible.
Remember, look around and immediately make
every effort to make this moment as enjoyable
as possible.
Source: Rio Bobby

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