10 Essential Factors for a Healthy Relationship

  1. Genuinely liking and respecting each other
  2. Doing things just to make each other happy
  3. Enjoying and valuing time together; and actively working to make it happen
  4. An ability to show – and accept – affection
  5. A strong sense of commitment to the relationship; a willingness to stick with the relationship through momentary conflicts and periods of disinterest, or even dislike
  6. Effective communication and problem-solving skills
  7. A commitment to work through conflicts and disagreements in a respectful manner; along with an ability to forgive and accept forgiveness
  8. Realistic and agreed upon expectations of each other; with a willingness to live up to those expectations
  9. A shared philosophy of life—including values and priorities. This is very broad and very important. For instance, it includes shared attitudes about family and friends; and a shared philosophy on parenting (for those with children).
  10. A satisfying sexual relationship

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