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50 Ideas for couples to spend time together

1. Fly a kite at an open field. Spend an afternoon of fun and childish excitement as you try to pretend to be kids for a while.

2. Buy tickets to your spouse’s favourite band’s concert. Even if you’re not fond of his or her kind of music, just go. This is a great way to show your spouse that you’re willing to “sacrifice” for him or her.

3. Play a game of chess or cards. Have fun interacting with each other. It doesn’t matter what you play as long as you have fun.

4. Visit a pet store and get yourselves a pair of turtles. Name them Edward and Bella, after the Twilight main characters, to remind you both of your commitment to love and cherish each other.

5. Have a photo shoot. A lot of photo studios are offering packages for couples who want to capture their memorable moments. Buy new clothes and go to the salon to have a makeover before heading off for the photo studio or the location of the shoot.

6. Record your very own music album. There are a number of music booths that allow you to sing and record your voice to create your very own CD. Showcase your singing talent while enjoying each other’s company.

7. Go to the cinema and enjoy the latest movie offering. Choose a movie that you will both like.

8. Hide a “treasure” somewhere in your house and ask your spouse to find it. Be creative when making the treasure map and give your spouse a little bit of challenge.

9. Create a casino atmosphere in your home and go gaming. Instead of using money for bets, use personal prized possesions such as cellular phones, notebooks or jewelry.

10. Try doing some online IQ tests. See who has a higher IQ, you or your spouse?

11. Bring your spouse to a comedy bar to get a good dose of fun and laughter.

12. Spend a night just going bar-hopping. Just make sure that either one of you will still be able to bring yourselves home.

13. Head off for the local pool and have a swimming competition. If your spouse doesn’t know how to swim, then you can give him or her free swimming lessons.

14. Play hide and seek in your house. Try to hide in the most unusual places to make the game more challenging.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

15. Go biking together. Enjoy nature and each other’s company while keeping your bodies healthy.

16. Take a leisurely drive in neighbourhood areas on a weekend. Enjoy the scenery while relaxing after a stressful week at work.

17. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables at an organic farm. To learn how farming is done, go around the farm with a tour guide.

18. Hike up to the peak of a mountain and take pictures of each other and the view.

19. Pretend to be Tarzan and Jane as you swing from tree to tree at the Forest Adventure. Get ready for a real adrenaline rush!

Accomplish Something Worthwhile

20. Do some arts and crafts. To make this activity more worthwhile, choose to do a craft that will be useful for your home.

21. Find areas in your home that need to be improved. Work together to make your home look nicer.

22. Try to learn a new language together. French would be a great choice. To practice, try talking to each other using the new language.

23. Invent a new dish and cook it together. Make sure that you use ingredients that are special and exotic. Compile all your recipes so you can make your own cookbook.

24. Do a research on both your genealogies. Who knows, one of you might be a descendant of a royalty?

25. Enroll in a dance class and learn how to salsa or tango together. Once you’ve mastered all the moves, go dancing at a local club to showcase your newfound talent.

26. Take part in some environmental protection initiatives such as the Plant A Tree Programme. Give the tree a name and pretend that it’s one of your children.

27. Spend an afternoon at a historical site to relive the olden days.

Satisfy Your Food Cravings

28. Visit an exotic restaurant and dare each other to eat the weirdest item on the menu.

29. Go to an eat-all-you-can restaurant and have an eating contest.

30. Join a multi-cultural food safari to savour the specialties of various countries.

31. Visit your favourite dessert shop and order your favourite cake. Share on a big slice to make it more romantic.

32. Splurge! Dress up and eat at a fancy restaurant.

Help Out Others

33. Clear out your wardrobes and storage areas. Then, donate the items that you wish to dispose to an orphanage or an elderly home.

34. Volunteer at a local charity or go on a short-term missions trip to poor villages.

Surprise! Surprise!

35. Prepare your spouse’s favourite breakfast and serve it with a love letter. Make sure that the love letter sounds really romantic.

36. Drop by your spouse’s workplace during break time to have a quick snack with him or her.

37. Wake your spouse up in the middle of the night and invite him or her to go outside to watch the stars. Just hope that your spouse will see your good intentions and will not get mad at you for interrupting his or her sleep.

38. Surprise your spouse by coming home from work early. Prepare his or her favourite dish and set the table extra special. Be his or her personal server for the night.

39. Come home with a bunch of slowers and a bottle of your spouse’s favourite wine. Grab a mat and have a picnic right in the middle of your living room.

Be Intimate

40. Write down your family’s goals for the next five years. Make sure that you list down specific ways on how you can achieve these together.

41. Be poetic. Write a poem for your spouse then it to him or her over a candlelight dinner.

42. Have a themed romantic dinner at home. Make sure that you make it extraordinary by putting up nice decorations. Don’t forget to prepare the background music.

43. Do the laundry together. Not only will this make the task seem lighter but it can also help you bond together.

44. Go to your roofdeck and watch the sunset together. You can also do this at a beach.

45. Hang out at a hotel’s lobby lounge as they usually provide great music entertainment. Have a heart-to-heart talk with your spouse over two cups of coffee.

46. Devise a way to start a fight with your spouse just so you could “kiss and make up” later.

47. Chill out while watching planes land at a park near your local airport. Bring some food so you will have something to munch while enjoying the sight of landing planes.

48. Set a “re-commitment night” where you and your spouse will say your wedding vows all over again in front of your children. If you don’t have children yet, you can invite your friends over.

49. Sleep in on weekends. Wake up at lunch time to have “brunch” in bed.

50. Tell your spouse to meet you at the place where you first met. Act like you’re strangers and relive the scenes when you first set eyes on each other.


50 ideas to have fun together

All About Food

1. Bake a cake and eat together. Pretend that it’s your wedding party again and feed each other.

2. Indulge yourselves by eating all the ice cream that you want. Forget about your waistline for a moment.

3. Head off for the supermarket and buy the ingredients for your favourite dish. Then cook it together.

4. Go on a food trip and see who can eat the most.

Quiet Fun

5. Play a game of Monopoly but add a new twist to this classic game (Strip Monopoly, perhaps?) .

6. Collect some pictures and do scrap booking together. Husbands, this hobby is not just for women. You will enjoy this too.

7. Buy two copies of the latest bestseller and read it together. Discuss with each other what you think of the book.

8. Take a compatibility test online and see if you are still a perfect match. (If your results aren’t satisfactory, then you know the test is floozy!)

9. Write ten questions about yourselves. Ask your spouse to answer them. See who gets a higher score.

10. Complete a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle together. Don’t stop until you finish it.

11. Bring out your family albums. Try to reminisce some memorable events that happened to you as a couple.


12. Go on a shopping spree but don’t do it the usual way. Challenge each other to buy something nice yet really cheap. The one who buys the nicest and cheapest item wins the game.

13. Pack a basket of food and have a picnic in the park. Just make sure that you check the weather forecast so you don’t get drenched in the rain.

14. Hop on a bus and explore the city together. Pretend to be tourists for a day.

15. Explore nature together. You can go to the zoo or the botanical gardens.

16. Go star gazing with a basket of wine, cream and strawberries.


17. Empty your weekend schedule and stack up on all your favourite films. Watch them all while snacking and cuddling on the couch.

18. Check in at an expensive hotel for the weekend. It’s okay to splurge once in a while. Pamper yourselves with 5-star accommodation and service.

19. Go to the beach and lie on the sand. Just make sure that you head out for the beach early so you won’t have to compete with the crowd.

20. Call some relatives who live out of town. Ask them if you could visit them for the weekend.

21. Book a cruise. Enjoy each other’s company exclusively for the duration of the cruise.

After Work

22. Have a stroll along a river while holding each other’s hand. Enjoy the view at the river as you relax after a stressful day at work.

23. Make an appointment at a spa and treat yourselves to a relaxing massage.

24. Or better yet, take turns massaging each other. This could save you money!

25. Go to the place where you had your first date and try to reminisce some old memories.

26. Stir up the romance in your relationship by going to the place where the proposal was made. Husbands can propose to their wives all over again.


27. Book plane tickets to an Asian destination that you haven’t visited yet. Don’t make too many plans. Just book the tickets and make hotel reservations. Let your creativity make your trip exciting.

Doing things together

28. Start on a new hobby together. Enrol in a dance class, painting class or you can both learn a new sport.

29. Stay healthy together. Enrol yourselves in a fitness club so you can work out together after work.

30. Clean up your house together. Then find some things that you can donate to a charitable institution.

31. Visit an orphanage or home for the aged and donate money, food, or used clothing.

32. Chat with your spouse during break time using Skype.

Pamper Each Other

33. Wives, mark a “His Day” in your calendars. During this day, you will treat your husbands like kings. Make sure that you follow his every command.

34. Husbands, mark a “Her Day” in your calendars. During this day, you will treat your wives like queens. Unleash your imagination so you can really make your wife happy.

35. Surprise each other by serving breakfast in bed! Make it extra special by cooking your spouse’s favourite breakfast dish. Serve it with flowers and chocolates.

36. Buy something that your spouse has always wanted to buy but never got to doing it. Order it online so you can see your spouse’s reaction when the package arrives at your doorstep.

37. Husbands, surprise your wives by giving her chocolates and flowers on an ordinary day. When she asks you “why”, answer her by saying “Just because…”

38. Wives, surprise your husbands by cooking a sumptuous feast for him on an ordinary day. When he asks you “why”, answer him by saying “Just because…”

39. Have a leisurely bath with hundreds of petals floating on the water.


40. Get your running shoes ready and head out for the sports stadium early in the morning. What better way to start the day than ‘couple -jogging’?

41. Unleash the fearlessness in you. Go on an extreme sport adventure like bungee jumping, ballooning, motor racing or ziplining.

42. Join a fund run together. Not only will you be able to help a worthy cause but you also get to run together.

43. Indulge the child in you and go to an amusement park to enjoy the rides. Dare each other to ride the scariest ride.

44. Play a video game together. You can go against each other or join forces to fight against a virtual enemy.

Cultural and Educational

46. Check out the theater listing and book tickets for a play that interests you both.

47. Learning is a continuous process. So why don’t you pretend to be students for a day and go to the city library to read books together?

48. Art appreciation isn’t reserved only for those who are art fanatics. You and your spouse can visit art exhibits and pretend to be art critics for a day. Discuss your views and see if there is a picture or painting that you both like.

49. Visit a museum. Appreciate culture and history together.

50. Head out for the Science Centre. Learn the secrets of Science together as you check out exhibits and do the experiments. There’s no age limit to learnin